How can we help you in your cycling journey?

Greetings to all Black People Ride Bikes (BPRB) Members and Community Partners!

We would really appreciate it if you could please take 5 minutes to provide us with some important information needed to better serve you. The information you submit will help us to provide you with the most valuable information, programs, and services needed to help you grow as a cyclist.

This survey will also enable us to:
  • Gather Demographic information
  • Plan future riding events for all levels  (in various areas within the US), 
  • Workshops,
  • Virtual events
  • In-person events
  • Safety education
  • Fellowship activities 
  • Community building

BPRB, an advocate for black cycling, is a Non-Profit Organization that serves every age bracket by bringing cycling awareness to the black diaspora through building a community of black cyclists with a focus on exploration, health, and advocacy. We serve cyclists of varying disciplines varying from road cycling to mountain biking.  Our organization is made up of novice, casual riders and avid cyclists, who regularly participate in cycling events throughout the country.

We will meet you wherever you are on your cycling journey.  

Use the following link to access the Survey 

For more information about BPRB, you can visit us at Black People Ride Bikes, Inc. 

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